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iPhone Email configuration

September 5, 2018

To configure your iPhone for email please perform the following steps:

Open Settings on your iPhone

In Settings, click on ‘Mail’

In Mail, click on ‘Accounts’

Next, click on ‘Add Account’

Next, click on ‘Other’

Next, click on ‘Add Mail Account’

On the ‘New Account’ screen, fill out the information as shown below.  The field at the top will display IMAP or POP.  Please ensure IMAP is selected.

Your name is the display name you want email recipients to see (this can be your full name, nickname or a business name).  Email and Username fields must be your email address, Host Name will always be ‘web-x01.basehost.com.au’, and your password will be as provided.  Once this information is filled out, please click ‘Next’.

The next screen should look as follows (and show IMAP at the top).  There’s no need to change anything here.  Click ‘Save’


Email configuration is now completed.  You can now open your iPhone email application and your emails will synchronise.

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