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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Rank higher in Google and increase visitors to your site

Increase Traffic To Your Website

Sherpa Digital SEO Services

Tailored SEO Program

Sherpa Digital’s SEO Services are designed to promote your website through natural SEO techniques, without making you pay for advertising campaigns to get you on page one of Google.  Our Initial SEO Configuration will provide a report on current SEO state, configure your website pages for your desired keywords and phrases, ensure your website can be scanned by Google’s search robots, submit your website to Google and establish Google Analytics tracking.  Your website will be scanned and checked for On page, Off page, Domain Authority, Social Engagement and other SEO factors.

By subscribing to our Monthly SEO Maintenance Package, we’ll continue to work with you to understand your SEO priorities, lock down your keywords, and work effortlessly to get your site closer and closer to the illustrious page one of Google.   This will not only get your website more traffic, but also more clients for your business.  You’ll receive a monthly report with a 5 point evaluation and ratings covering major aspects including SEO (inc. Keywords, Tags, Metadata, Backlinks and Structure), Usability, Performance, Social and Security.  You’ll also receive a monthly report containing critical Google Analytics data, showing you visitor behaviour information including how your visitors are finding your site, their behaviours whilst on your site, and more.

Target All The Right Customers

Do you know who your target customer is?  And who they are finding when they should be finding you?  By signing up for Sherpa Digital’s SEO Services plan, you will understand both your target customer AND your competitors.  We’ll develop an SEO strategy that will get you in front of the customers who need to know about your business.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

By integrating your website with Google Analytics, we’ll develop customised reports to understand who is looking at your site, how they are finding you, and what they are looking at.  This helps us to determine what is working and to do more of!  But what isn’t working and needs to improve!   SEO management is an ongoing practice if your business is going to continue to be the authority in your field.  Sign up for Sherpa Digital’s SEO Services plan today.

What We Do

Search Engine Optimization

All encompassing optimisation to get your website noticed, and your business more customers.

Content Optimization

Analysing your website content and ensuring it is well structured to be the most effective it can be.

On Page Optimization

Meta Tags, Keyword Density, Link Structure, Site Speed.  All of these factors influence your SEO success.

SEO Consulting

We take a collaborative approach to SEO, not only do we understand your customers and their needs, but also your competitors and how to outrank them.

Data Analysis

We’re constantly analysing the Google Analytics data for your site, and looking for ways get your site close to the top.

SEO Strategy

Everything we do comes together under our SEO strategy, unique to your business.  We develop and provide your business strategy once we get going.

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