Did you know that 1 in 5 children will experience physical or sexual abuse before the age of 18?


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1. What is Polished Man?

Polished Man is an innovative fundraising campaign that challenges men to end violence against children by painting one fingernail to represent the one in five children affected by violence before the age of 18.

2. Where does the money go?

All funds raised through Polished Man are channeled into trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs for children who have suffered or are at risk of suffering from violence globally. These include numerous YGAP impact entrepreneurs running ventures that reduce violence against children or provide emergency relief to those that have fallen victims to physical and/or sexual violence. Funds are also channeled into some incredible work being carried out by World Vision Australia, Hagar International, the New York Centre for Children and the Australian Childhood Foundation.

3. Why nail polish?

YGAP’s CEO Elliot Costello came up with the idea for Polished Man after a visit to project partner Hagar International in Cambodia. One evening, he met a young girl named Thea. Due to their language barrier, the two played naughts and crosses and other games for hours. At the end of the night, Thea drew a heart on Elliot’s palm, and then painted all of his nails blue. The following day, Elliot heard about how Thea came to be Hagar’s care. When she was eight, her father – the family’s sole breadwinner – passed away and Thea’s mother sent her to an orphanage, hoping to give her safe refuge. Instead Thea was physically and sexual assaulted on a daily basis for two years by the orphanage director. Elliot made the decision to paint one nail to remember Thea. When he later found out 1 in 5 children are affected by violence before the age of 18, the Polished Man movement was born.

4. Why men?

90% of all sexual violence against children is perpetrated by men, but the Polished Man movement is not about pointing the finger. It’s about empowerment. It’s about asking men to unite and lead by example, channeling the collective strength of masculinity to protect society’s most vulnerable citizens and our future leaders.

The Facts

Globally 1 in 5 children are affected by violence before the age of 18*

*World Health Organisation 2014, Child Maltreatment Fact sheet No150

90% of all sexual violence against children is perpetrated by men*

*Cynthia Crosson-Tower, Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect, 4th ed.

150 million girls and 73 million boys under 18 have experienced sexual violence*

*World Health Organisation, Global Estimates of Health Consequences due to Violence against Children, op.cit.at note 8

How to Contribute

Check out the Polished Man profile of James from Sherpa Digital..


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