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Sherpa Digital is a Melbourne based digital agency delivering services to businesses across Australia, including Website Development, WordPress Maintenance, SEO, Email Marketing Social Media Management.

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SEO for Business Owners

  Are you a small business owner with a website and wondering what SEO is all about?  Search Engine Optimisation for businesses is confusing.  Did you know that if your business isn't ranking on the 1st page of Google, then your potential clients aren't going to...
Email Marketing Automation with MailChimp

Email Marketing Automation with MailChimp

What is Email Marketing Automation with MailChimp? How good is Email Marketing Automation with MailChimp!  It's like having another team member in your marketing department that you can just set and forget.  If you don't already know what MailChimp is all about,...
Take Your Business Website to The Next Level

Level up your site!

  Not sure about SEO, Google, Analytics, Email Marketing? Or just need some great ideas to give your business website an uplift? Sign up to the Sherpa Digital News & Blog and we'll send you a copy of our new eBook - "Take Your Business Website to The Next...

SEO website services

  Initial SEO Configuration Getting set up and having ongoing SEO management isn't going to cost you an arm and leg with Sherpa Digital's new SEO offering.  The Initial SEO Configuration will optimise each page of your site with SEO best practices.  We will work...
Has Your Website Got The Lock

Has your website got the lock? Get an SSL certificate

Be prepared for the upcoming Google change Starting from July 2018, Google Chrome will be marking ALL sites without HTTPS as Not Secure and vulnerable to malicious activity, this means you will need to get an SSL certificate for your website.  As of today, only sites...