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SEO services to get your website noticed

Sherpa Digital SEO Services

Sherpa Digital’s SEO optimisation is designed to promote your website through natural SEO techniques.

Don’t pay for advertising campaigns to get you ranking in Google.
With our SEO Package we’ll provide a report on initial SEO state as a baseline and then work with you to determine the best strategy for your business, ensuring your website can be scanned by Google, submitting your website to Google and establishing Google Analytics tracking to monitor for improvements.

You’ll then get a report, every month, containing metrics on your SEO and Google Analytics, allowing you to monitor your website performance and make informed decisions for your business.

We’ll continue to work with you to understand your SEO priorities, lock down your keywords, and work effortlessly to get your website ranking well in Google.   This will not only get your website more traffic, but also more prospective clients for your business.

What do we do?

Keyword research

What are people searching for on Google where you are ranking?

Search Console Analysis

Where do you rank in the search results, and how do we get you ranking higher?

Keyword Monitoring

Reporting on your specific keywords, a key metric of success.

Based on the keyword research we perform on page optimisation to your website pages to improve your rankings including:-

  • Meta Title
  • Header Tags (H1, H2-H6)
  • Meta Description / SERP snippet
  • Image alt descriptions
  • On page text / keyword consistency

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We also perform off page optimisation including: –

  • Local directory submissions
  • Improving Domain Authority
  • Backlink Generation Strategy


Furthermore, we do technical SEO activities that affect Google rankings, including :-

  • Site performance
  • Image optimisation
  • Rendering and usability on all devices

The KPIs that we use are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business and Keyword Rankings

We’ll submit your business to local directory listings to increase your backlink count, thus improving Domain Authority (important for Google rankings)

Each month you’ll get a detailed report on what we performed for the last month, and what we’re doing in the upcoming month.

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Ready to chat?