Social Media Management

Improve engagement and reach your customers with regular Social Media posting

Simple Social Posting

5herpa Digital’s Simple Social Posting offering is designed to be a simple and cost effective way to perform regular social media posting to your platforms for Business Owners who want to keep things simple.

How does it work?

As a business owner with experience in your field, you are the subject matter expert and know what your customers want to see.  With the Simple Social Posting plan, you provide the content and we do the rest.  You will be provided with a post template where you will provide the post Title, the Content, and a single Featured Image.  You can provide the post on a regular basis, typically a regular schedule such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly, though some clients also work on an adhoc basis.

What Next?

Once you have provided the content we will create the blog post on your website in a format that looks good wherever it shows up.  We will then share the blog post on your social media channels.

What does it cost?

To post a single blog post is a low cost of $25 per post.  Each share to your social media platforms is $5 per share.  For example, one post to your website and shared to Facebook and LinkedIn would cost $35.


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